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Mumbai is flanked by mixed evergreen and mixed deciduous kinds of forests. With such unique habitats in and around Mumbai, the biodiversity in Mumbai and around it is considerable.

As the city grows, there have been sightings of Leopards taking shelter in shanties, industrial units and other urban areas around the natural habitat. There have been also sightings of snakes and other wild animals that wander into human dominated regions. Often, there is a conflict of interest between the humans occupying the area and these wild animals, putting both sides in danger. Vanashakti has association itself with trained wild life rescue professionals who rescue and rehabilitate such animals.

Solid Waste Management
The problem of waste disposal is the biggest challenge that the city of Mumbai faces today. Reckless and indiscriminate dumping of municipal solid waste on wetlands is a matter of great concern. We are aggressively campaigning for the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai to obey and follow the guidelines of the Municipal Solid Waste Handling and Management Rules 2000. Segregation at source, recycling of waste and reduction in waste output is the only way the city can survive. We have filed two Public Interest (PIL`s) against the non-compliances of Municipal Solid Waste Rules by the Municipal Corporation.

Noise Pollution
Excessive noise levels at festivals and un-necessary honking by vehicles have a bad effect on human health and well being. We organize anti-noise, anti-honking rallies and conduct awareness workshops on the issues.

River Pollution
We have undertaken a campaign to restore the rivers of MMR region. We believe that water is a most precious commodity on this planet and that we are abusing the blessings given to us in the form of rivers which have turned into Nalas carrying sewage and toxic industrial effluents in them. The channelization of the Mithi River is a perfect example of how the government administration has resolved to make a river look and behave like a waste discharge outlet. The resulting marine pollution and poisoning of the human food chain is an aspect that has been conveniently ignored by the Government.

Clean Ulhas River Project
Vanashakti has taken the initiative to scientifically analyze the issue of pollution and create a pressure group to keep highly polluting industries under check and make them follow the environment protection laws in the country. This project aims to protect and conserve the river and other water bodies in the vicinity with the involvement of local communities for better results. The project also focuses on availability of clean and safe drinking water, in the Ulhas river dependent areas. To add on, this project will thrive for good health of the river and survival of the dependent biodiversity too.

After thorough study of the pollution levels in Ulhas River, from Badlapur to Thane creek, Vanashakti filed an appeal with the Western Zone Bench of National Green Tribunal. Till now, three hearings have taken place in the matter and all the three orders have been highly encouraging as the NGT ordered MPCB and state to submit action plan to revive the river, identify and close down polluting industries in Ulhasnagar and Kalyan Dombivli region. The Tribunal has also instructed the MPCB to depute IIT Bombay to conduct the survey to identify pollution load in the rive and source of the pollution.

If you come across any animal or a snake in your premises that is under threat, please contact Vanashakti representative to rescue the animal.
Contact - 09892272625
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