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Mining in  - GOA
For most people acquainted with Goa, the Freudian snip is beaches and silvery sand. Situated on the west coast of India amidst the States of Maharashtra and Karnataka, Goa is the smallest Indian State with a coastline 105 km long with varied topography comprising coasts, plateau and a substantial part of the Western Ghats hill range. Running all along the State’s eastern length, the Western Ghats comprise 600 sq.km. out of the total 1, 60,000 sq km. of its entire area, in the State. Harboring rich tropical forests and a varied biodiversity, the Western Ghats is one of the biodiversity hotspots of the world. One National Park and five Wildlife Sanctuaries in these hill ranges within the Sate further testify the presence and density of biodiversity in these hills. Ironically, this area has seen the steady increase in strip mining which has now taken on the proportions of an epidemic induced by the industrial development.
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Mining in  - SINDHUDURG
Various mining projects have been proposed in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. The proposed mining area seeks to destroy about 200 sq km. in the Western Ghats part of the Sawantwadi and Dodamarg blocks of the district in the core of the northern Western Ghats.
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