Green Communities Foundation


The solid waste management problem in India is well known. The reasons vary from lack of awareness amongst citizens, lack of adequate infrastructure for handling waste, inability of authorities to implement the SWM guidelines and so on.

Even if residents are provided a lot of information about composting and segregation they have no idea about where to begin and how to go about implementing it. There are a lot of misconceptions too, that the process is cumbersome, expensive, smelly, visually obnoxious and difficult to manage.

The societies need a service provider who handholds them and enables them to make this conversion easily and at an affordable cost.

The Green Communities Foundation Service

Green Communities Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Mumbai started by senior experts in the industry and with decades of practical knowledge in not just waste management but also running large organizations. Its mission is to make Mumbai and eventually India Waste Free.

It has created a unique, affordable and easy way for societies to become Waste Free Societies. The society will be able to recover even these low costs within 2-3 years, making it totally free of cost to the society.

When a society signs up to be waste free, a Waste Management Expert is assigned to the society to guide the society through the various simple steps. These experts are trained across various areas of waste management by industry experts, academicians and practitioners.

Green Communities Foundation works with various stakeholders like equipment vendors, recyclers, government bodies, industry experts, educational institutions and other NGOs to provide a comprehensive waste management solution to communities.

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