• Meenakshi Menon -
  • Meenakshi has spent over 30 years in the field of advertising, marketing and media. Her passion for the conservation of resources – natural and manmade – made her one of the first people to use the principles of conservation in the field of marketing.

    Meenakshi has built India’s first Audit and Advisory Company, Spatial Access Solutions that specialises in measuring the ROI delivered by marketing services in an attempt to conserve marketing resources, increase efficacy and impact.

  • Namita Roy Ghose

    Namita started her career at the JWT India in the seventies. She worked her way up, starting as a copy trainee and going on to become becoming the JWT India’s youngest Creative Director. A breaker of creative boundaries, Namita spearheaded many groundbreaking campaigns. Thirteen years later, in 1987, she left the comforts and sureties of the JWT bosom to start White Light, her own film production company in Mumbai, in 1987. White Light has ranked consistently amongst the top five in the Indian advertising filmmaking industry for the last twenty years and has produced some of India’s most outstanding, memorable, and effective commercials since its inception.

  • As a way of paying back some of the debt and for the privilege of working in a profession, which allows you to have so much fun for free, Namita has held training workshops for agencies, clients, film schools and institutes.

    She also directs and produces films pro bono for anyone with a worthy public service cause, many times giving her time and talent free. She has made films on subjects as varied as domestic violence, child literacy and welfare, child labour, population control, eve teasing, sexual harassment, domestic violence, saving the tiger, oral rehydration and forest and water conservation.

    Namita has also been a long time jury member for the Film/Television Category at the ABBY, India’s premier advertising awards. At present, she is also on the Board of Governors of Art Borderline Foundation, an initiative to promote cross-cultural, cross-border arts and crafts in India and abroad.

  • Late Peter Armand Menon -
  • Peter has spent 40 extremely interesting years transiting through a variety of organisations and human endeavours (catering, hospitality, tourism, software development, transportation) and has developed an open and analytical approach to the problems of work in different theatres of human effort.

    For him, the first imperative of conservation is the recognition of the irreplaceable nature of the environment and the fact that it cannot be repaired – and that human life has to be one of great respect and reverence for all living beings and natural processes.

    With that also comes the conviction that - the preservation of this earth as a trust held on behalf of our successors – has to be a collective effort in which everyone must contribute in direct proportion to which they burden or stress the environmental system.